Notary Public

A notary is a public ministerial officer, and an impartial agent of the state. When performing a notarial act, the notary excercises a delegation of the state's sovereign power to attest to the genuineness of deeds or writings in order to render them available as authority of signatures.

Affinity First provides this service at no cost to all members.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Affinity First has available many Safe Deposit Boxes for you to rent for storage of precious items such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, savings bonds, vehicle titles and other important documents.

Sizes available: 3x10, 5x10 and 10x10.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer gives you the opportunity to move money from your account at Affinity First to another financial institution in as little as 24 hours.

Important information to have ready when considering a wire transfer would be name and receiving address of the institution or outlet, routing number and account numbers.

Car Washes

Need a place to have your car or truck washed? Consider choosing from one of the two local stations:

Simonsons Station Stores "Blue Wash"
1310 South Broadway, Minot, ND 58701

Toads Ride 'N' Shine "The Works Wash"
1105 South Broadway, Minot, ND 58701

Affinity First will sell you your ticket to a clean car in advance and at a discounted price.

Travel & Gift Cards

Visa Travel Card

Member Travel Cards... The Smarter, More Convenient way to Access Your Travel Money.

Now Affinity First Members can make purchases at millions of Visa debit merchants or withdraw local currency from over 950,000 ATMs worldwide when traveling.

• A great alternative to Travelers Cheques

• Reloadable, with the security of PIN and signature protection

• Access your money quickly and securely.

* Use of the Visa TravelMonay is subject to Terms and Conditions

Gift Cards

Visa Gift Card

The Gift Card is the ideal gift solution for any occasion. It is accepted by millions of merchants who accept Visa Debit cards. Don't waste time deciding what to buy, driving from store to store or standing in line, sending the Gift Card is completely hassle free, just stop in and get your gift card today!

Movie Tickets

Entertainment for the entire family, a night at the movies. Affinity First makes going to the show affordable for any budget with discounted tickets. Buy your tickets in advance to either theater listed below and enjoy the show!

Carmike Stadium Cinema 9
Dakota Square Mall
2400 10th Street SW
Minot, ND 58701
Movie Hotline: 701-838-6008

Postage Stamps

Another convienent service of Affinity First is postage stamp sales. Stamps are available in books of 20.

Are you looking for a zip code? Check out

Night Depository

Need to make a deposit after hours? Use our night depository conviently located in our drive up. Envelopes are provided.

Savings Bonds

Available Bonds:

EE Bonds
EE Bonds are safe, low-risk savings products that pay interest based on current market yields on Treasury Securities for up to 30 years. EE Bonds are a safe and secure way to save for the future, whether to finance education, supplement retirement icome, or give as a gift. For more information on EE Bonds visit

I Bonds
I Bonds are low-risk, liquid savings products backed by the US Government. While you own them, they earn interest and help protect your savings from inflation. Any individual with a valid US Social Security number or Tax Identification number can own an I Bond. For more information on I Bonds, please visit

ATM Machines

Affinity First has 3 ATM locations and services are free to Affinity First Federal Credit Union card holders

Main Branch - 811 South Broadway
Trinity Health - 2nd Floor, next to gift shop
Trinity Homes - 305 8th Ave NE
Burdick Job Corps - 1500 University Ave W

Card types accepted: MasterCard, Instant Cash, Visa, Cirrus, NYCE, Pulse, American Express, Discover and Star.

Direct Deposit

Tired of having to wait for your payroll check to be delivered before you can deposit it into your account? Affinity First offers Direct Deposit as a convenient free service. With Direct Deposit you can have your payroll check automatically deposited into your account without ever seeing a "paper" check. Once your direct deposit is coming to the CU, we can set up automated transfers to any savings, club or loan you may have.

Direct Payments

Direct Payment is reliable, confidential and efficient electronic payment alternative to paper checks. When you use Direct Payment, you authorize Affinity First to electronically collect a payment from your checking or savings account at another financial institution. Direct Payment can be used for depositing to savings, checking, club or loan accounts.

Intercontinental Warranties

Looking at purchasing a new car, or is your warranty getting ready to expire on your current vehicle? Let Affiinity First help with your vehicle warranty needs with the following warranties available:

Named Exclusion Program*
This program is great for the new or eligible pre-owned vehicles. It covers over 12,000 parts and has a $0 deductible. In addition, you will receive up to $50 for towing, $300 for car rental and travel expenses up to $225.

Named Component Program*
This program is great for eligible pre-owned vehicles. It covers over 1200 parts plus wear and tear. This program also has a $0 deductible. In addition, you will receive up to $50 for towing, $300 for car rental and travel expenses up to $225.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)*
Do you realize when you purchase a vehicle the moment you drive it off the lot it starts to depreciate.

What happens if our vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair and your settlement amount is less than your loan amount?

With GAP coverage, the difference between the cash value of the vehicle and the loan balance would be paid. You also would then receive up to $1000 towards your insurance deductable and $1000 cash towards your next vehicle purchase.

*Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

Members Choice® Credit Life & Disability Insurance

Credit Life Insurance
Credit Life Insurance is available on most loans, it is a low-cost voluntary coverage that is conveniently part of the monthly loan payment. Credit Life Insurance reduces or pays off loan balances, up to a policy maximum, if the borrower or covered join borrower dies.

Member's Choice Disability Insurance
Disability Insurance, along with the Credit Life Insurance is also available on most loans. It is a low-cost, voluntary coverage that is conveniently part of the monthly loan payment. Disability Insurance makes monthly loan payments up to the policy maximum should the member become totally disabled. Payments continue until the member is no longer totally disabled, dies, or the loan is paid in full.

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